The Rosary Garden was created in June 2010 in order to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II in the parish of the Holy Family in Lublin. The main message of the Rosarium is to invite to contemplate the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and deepen the spiritual sphere.

The Rosary Garden consists of a set of shrines surrounded by greenery. The Mysteries of the Rosary sculpted in wood can be found inside them. The scenes showing the salutary events were sculpted ad maiorem Dei gloriam by Teodora Pikuła. She sculpted 88 figures of various sizes (up to 2.5 m) in total from linden, oak, alder and acacia wood. The great majority of sculptures were sculpted in the years 2001-2005 in the parish studio. The construction of shrines began in 2009 and on 09 June 2010, they were consecrated by bishop Bolesław Pylak. Some works were created also at a later period, up to 2012.

The sculptures were made according to the author's individual vision. They may give the impression of insubordination towards popular trends of contemporary art. However, a deeper analysis of the Mysteries of the Rosary leads to an intricate labyrinth of symbols and hidden meanings. The Rosary Garden is a specific enclave of tranquillity where one can find a new face of his individual reality.

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